At The Produce Place we have been buying local farm fresh fruits and veggies since we opened our doors in 1988. We work and eat closely with our farmers to make sure our customers are tasting the best produce available! Nashville is a community full of innovators, makers, chefs and food visionaries. We bring as many quality local products made in our fine city to our shelves for you to enjoy! This list is always changing so keep your eyes open for your local favorites! 


Local Produce Farmers

  •  Bloomsbury Farms – Rutherford County, Tennessee

  • Smiley Farms- Goodlettsville, TN 

  • Meriweather Farms – Clarksville, TN

  • Trace View Farms – Santa Fe, TN  

  • Bountiful Blessings Farm- Williamsport, TN 

  •  Hancock Family Farms – Springfield, TN 

  • Malco Produce Farm – Cookeville, TN

  • Greener Roots Farm – Nashville, TN

  • Catesa Farms – Riddleton, TN

  • Kett’s Family Farms – Centerville, TN 

  • Swafford Farms – Pikeville, TN

  • Dennison’s Family Farms – Elora, TN 

Meat & Dairy

  •  Downing Cattle Co. 

  • J.D. Country Farm 

  • Virgin Bay Seafood


  • Noble Springs Goat

  • Kenny’s Cheese Farm 

  • Daddy Bob’s Pimento Cheese

  • Shady Hollow Farm


  • Eorthe Coffee

  • Beck’s Farmhouse Coffee

  • Raphael’s Coffee


  • Canopy Kombucha

  • Booch Kombucha


  • Bobby John Henry Bread 

  • Village Bakery and Provisions 

  • Great Harvest Bread Co.


  • TruBee Honey 

  • Johnson Honey 

& More

  • Corner Market Catering Co. 

  • Café Rakka Hummus and Pita 

  • Jeni’s Ice Cream

  • Colts Bolts

  • Moosehead Kettle Corn 

  • Grab the Gold 

  • Vegan Vee Bakery 

  • The Flower Patch 

  • Delta Blues Tea

  • Blue Porch

  • Blue grass BBQ – sauce 

  • Al Fresco Pasta

  • Cafe Nonna

  • Hummus Chik

  • Professor Bailey's Pimiento Cheese

  • Remedy Bone Broth

  • Ousley Ouch Salsa

  • The Shortbread Shoppe

  • O Brother's Maple Farm

  • Bertie’s Biscuits

  • Mountain Jim’s Ice Cream

Health & Beauty

  • TruBee Honey (chapstick & beeswax rub) 

  • Thistle Farms