Watermelon Salad

watermelonsalad1One of the best things about late summer is the fresh melons! We have Georgia and local melons at the store right now!

Watermelon is a summertime favorite and super delicious in this Tennessee heat! Of course, eating watermelon by itself is always a treat but sometimes its nice to fancy up a summertime fruit. This watermelon salad is super easy to make and great to serve on a real hot day! Its a cool and refreshing snack or side dish to any summertime cookout!

We used:

1 quarter of a watermelon

1 english cucumber

juice of 1 lime

Fresh Mint

Feta Cheese to taste (We used imported Athenos Feta)

We cubed up the watermelon, and squeezed the lime juice. watermelonsalad2

Next, we spiralized the cucumber

(Don’t have a spiralizer? That’s okay, you can cube the cucumber or julienne works too!)

Mix the cucumber with the watermelon, top with chopped mint and feta. Toss it all together and there you have it!