Preserving your garden herbs

IMG_4183Fall has finally arrived and its almost time to say “goodbye” to our summer gardens! Luckily we can preserve all of those wonderful herbs we’ve been growing all summer! There are a few ways we can keep our fresh herbs all year round!

Some easy ways to keep your herbs:

-Cut the herbs from the stem and bundle them together with a string, hang them upside down in a dry room away from sunlight.

-Use chopped herbs or whole leaves, stuff them into an ice cube tray and fill with broth or water and freeze them. Use them in the winter time for soups and sauces

-Vinegars are a great way to preserve herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary. Use three to four sprigs of herbs per one cup of vinegar.


Keep your fresh summer herbs all year and enjoy!



You can find more information about preserving herbs here.