Kombucha Cocktails

Kombucha cocktails! Who knew?! Well, we were interested and so we tried and conquered!! This recipe is super easy, nice and enjoyable in this hot August weather and can be made with or without alcohol! Pronto!

Kombucha peach daiquiri:

kombuchacocktailWe used:

1 1/2Cup Orignal Kombucha by: GT’s Kombucha

4 South Carolina peaches

2 Teaspoons of cane sugar

4 Tablespoons of orange juice concentrate


We skinned and sliced up our peaches. kombuchacocktail1We added the kombucha, sugar, peaches and orange juice concentrate into a blender and blended well for about 15 seconds. kombuchacocktail2

Once well blended, we strained it over a glass of ice and served with a slice of peach! Can’t get any fresher than that! Wanna make it boozy? We added 4ounces of vodka to the mix! YUM!