Blackberry Basil Grilled Cheese

Man! Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich? Add a blackberry basil mash to that and what could be better? I mean, really?! This recipes makes for a perfect summertime lunch!


For this recipe we used:

Local Great Harvest Whole Wheat Bread

Local Blackberries (on our shelves now!!)

Local Basil from Bloomsbury Farm

Imported Fontina Cheese (straight from our cheese selection 😉 )

and a little bit of olive oil


BlackberrySmash (1)


Chop your basil finely. Add your blackberries to a bowl and slowly mash them with a fork. Be warned, this can get messy!

Once the berries a mashed add your basil!



Next, slice your cheese and lay it on your whole wheat bread, spread the blackberry mash on the other slice!

blackberrysmash2 (1)

Heat your olive oil in your skillet or brush your bread slices with the oil. Add the bread with the cheese to the pan. Once the cheese starts to melt, add the jam and the other slice of bread. Heat until hot, much like a grilled cheese! Slice and serve!!

BlackberrySmash4 (1)


YAY! A delicious Tennessee farm to table lunch! This is why we love summer!








this recipe was adapted from here.